Villa on the water

By combining natural materials and using a warm rug and a soft color sofa, we have created a warm atmosphere in this villa.


For this villa on the water, we have thought about the colors, furniture, lighting and decoration of the entire house.


Once again, the environment has been an inspiring factor for the design and decoration of the house. The beautiful scale wallpaper that we used in the kitchen has become the starting point for the use of material and color in the rest of the house, both in terms of color and structure. In addition, the location also played a role in the use of natural colors and materials. The water and nature can be found everywhere in the villa. The color of oak has been used throughout the house. The oak color is applied to the furniture and fixed elements in the bathroom, stairs and kitchen. We have also made the custom-made cupboard, wallpaper and window coverings in the same color scheme.


A beautiful house with character is the end result.

Special customization

In collaboration with furniture maker Martin Teffer, we have had a number of unique items developed. For example, a beautiful shelving unit has been designed especially for the house. There is also a great walk-in closet, a wardrobe, a headboard and a console table tailor-made for this beautiful waterfront villa.

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